Erin Anderson

Montana & Minnesota roots. Boston legs. An urban country girl. I believe in Yoga, the flow of finding peace between city & rural living.

Placed 11th

in their group

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One country queen will be featured in a 2-page spread in STAR Magazine, take home $25,000, and gain access to some of the hottest country events of the year!

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What's your motto?

My motto is “go in peace & serve Love, always.” If we really want peace in this world it’s important to understand what peace means first to us - what it means to be at peace with ourselves, and to come into and leave space peacefully. When we “serve Love always” we remind ourselves to hold ourselves accountable in our actions. If what we are doing is not rooted in Love then we make the conscious choice to pause and reevaluate our thoughts, word and deeds.

What is your happy place?

In addition to my Yoga mat, which can truly can be any place, my happiest place is my family’s little 2 bedroom lakeside cabin outside of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. My great grandfather bought lots for all of his kids on one lakeside in 1967. There are 4 generations of us, so it’s the place where we get to reconnect and work through things together as a family each year. It’s a blend of organized chaos and stillness; laughter and tears, & celebrations. A place where we build

What would you do with the $25,000?

I would use the $25,000 to carry what I have been taught by my mentors across the nation. It will allow establishment of Eadem Arbor in both rural & urban places - a living practice of health and wellness for cities, companies, family & friends. The $25,000 will allow us to begin the process of outreach, marketing and initial investment to begin building collaborative spaces supporting peaceful programming, spaces & opportunity for the friends & family we meet along the way.